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just 3 days left for the event

Highly anticipated event coming your way in just 3 days at SZABIST, gear yourself up for lots of competitions and prizes!!!


Prince by LU

LU biscuits:

Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) was founded in 1984 following a Joint Venture between the family of Hasan Ali Khan and the Group Danone, the French food giants. In the year 2007 Danone sold their biscuits category to Kraft Foods of USA. Today the company has a joint venture with Kraft Foods with a shareholding of 50.5% and 49.5% respectively.

For more than two decades CBL is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of the brand LU. We have an array of products which are pre-eminent in the branded biscuit business both in Pakistan and abroad. Our unrivalled portfolio of brands has been meeting consumer needs for well over two decades and includes such favourites as TUC, Candi, Prince and Tiger. We produce some of the best.

Prince Biscuits:

Adventure, excitement and the magical world of a child’s imagination; that’s what our premium cream brand Prince is all about. The country’s largest chocolate cream biscuit, Prince rules the hearts of children all over with its yummy, energy-filled chocolate sandwich biscuits.

Generously filled with rich chocolate cream sandwiched between crispy and delicious biscuit shells, every bite of Prince gives you the fulfilling taste of creamy smooth chocolate and fresh biscuits. The brand has now become synonymous with chocolate cream owing to rich flavor that remains unmatched by any competitor.

More than just the delicious biscuits, Kids relate to the Prince character as a dynamic and electrifying savior thereby enhancing the brand’s appeal among an age group that’s always looking for mentors and role models

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